About the designer

For most of my life I created and re-created clothes with my father whose hobby was sewing and designing his nature. He designed custom made suede shoes for his wedding! And also manufactured children’s coats in the 1960s.

From the time I was a young girl ready to wear never fit quite right and I was rarely satisfied with the fit, feel, or design of most garments. Lucky for me, my father was always willing to be ‘my hands’. He always understood my vision and together we would create the right ‘fit’.

After a ‘chance’ meeting in 2012 with a dance wear manufacturer I realized how important the ‘fit’ is for a dancer – having clothes that don’t move when they do, yet offer comfort and give. I was then determined to find a way to incorporate this notion into wearable clothes for every day wear.

And so drawing on my family background in the clothing manufacturing industry, I created my own design company.

Starting small, with one legging design in one fabric the collection gradually expanded to include a variety of styles. Combining classy elegant and sophisticated designs with comfort; using finer quality luxurious, beautiful, breathable, stretch fabric blends.

It takes a great deal of passion and perseverance to not only be an entrepreneur, but to bring a brand to life. Fortunately, I met the right people along the way that believed in me and my product. I am an old soul and fashion and style are in my blood. I hope women everywhere will trust my judgement as a woman and a customer.

Lynn Weinfeld, MA, RYT