About It Fitz Me!™

It Fitz Me!™ is a women’s wear lifestyle brand that embodies classic essentials, often a minimal aesthetic, subtle details resulting in casual elegance. Offering stylish, practical, comfortable, versatile and affordable clothing for women of all ages. Wardrobe essentials that many don’t know they need until they own a piece.

  • All production is entrusted local manufacturing in Toronto, Canada. This enables close monitoring of how the garments are made, to respond quickly to customer needs, while supporting Canada’s economic growth.
  • Garments are manufactured with the highest standards from materials to finishing. Quality and luxury that will spoil you the moment you try our clothing on.
  • The brilliance of the garments lies in the fabrics and design. 
  • Brilliant designs and luxurious fabrics with a fabulous stretch quality so the garments hold their shape, are wrinkle-resistant and are more comfortable to wear because they give and move with the body.
  • The fit is forgiving and flattering for many female figures.